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Visiting Us

Making an Appointment

You may make an appointment with the Normah Clinic in several ways:

1. Call the appointment desk.
2. Book your appointment online.
3. Ask your local physician to refer and arrange your appointment by writing to:

Business Development Department
Normah Medical Specialist Centre
Jalan Tun Abdul Rahman,
Petra Jaya 93050,
Kuching, Sarawak,

Note: You are encouraged to make prior appointment before coming to Normah. If you come without an appointment, we will try to fit you into the earliest vacant consultation slot. However, you may have to wait a while.

What to Bring During Your Visit
For your first visit:

We will need your Identity Card (for Malaysians) or passport (for Non Malaysian). You will be required to fill in our Patient Registration Form.
Please click here to download the form.

For follow-ups:
  1. Please bring your appointment cards. Have a list of your current medications and how much you are taking of each. Otherwise, please bring the medicine and/or relevant medical reports, summaries and X-rays pictures.
  2. The names, addresses and telephone numbers of your usual physician.
  3.  Your medical insurance information and/or medical card, if you have one
For admission:
  1. You may bring personal items to help pass the time while you are resting in your room. These may include books, magazines, writing materials, knitting, embroidery or other small craft.
  2. You will be provided with hospital wear and a dressing gown. Food will not be provided. Normah has a Cafeteria located at Level 1 of the Hospital wing. If you need basic necessities, there is a Gift Shop adjacent to the Cafeteria. Click here for more information.