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Intensive Care Unit
Level 1F (Inpatient)
Accident & Emergency

082-440055 Ext 288
Level UG
Cardiovascular Laboratory
082-440055 Ext 200/201
Level UG
Cardiology Clinic                  
082-440055 Ext 646                082-493606
OPD-Level 2
Oral, Facial & Wellness Services
082-440055 Ext 4502
082- 493188
Leve 2F
Dermatology Clinic
082-440055 Ext 746
OPD-Level 3
082-440055 Ext 718
OPD-Level 3
Endoscopy Suite
082-440055 Ext 223
Level UG
Surgical Clinic
082-440055 Ext 748   082-493701
OPD-Level 3
Health Screening/ Wellness Clinic
082-440055 Ext 616
OPD-Level 2
Internal Medicine
082-440055 Ext 649       082-493602
OPD-Level 2
Medical Oncology
082-493252 Ext 252
Level 2F (Inpatient)
Nephrology Clinic
Level UG
Neurology Clinic
082-440055 Ext 744
OPD-Level 2
Obstetrics & Gynaecology Clinic
082-440055 Ext 546
OPD-Level 1
Ophthalmology Clinic
082-493712 Ext 712
OPD-Level 3
Orthopaedic Clinic
082-440055 Ext 746
OPD-Level 3
Osteoporosis & Dexa Scan
082-440055 Ext 211
Level UG
Otorhinolaryngology(ENT) Clinic  
082-440055 Ext 645 
2nd Floor   082-493717
OPD-Level 3
Paediatrics Clinic
082-440055 Ext 548/549
OPD-Level 1
Radiology & Diagnostic Imaging Unit
082-440055 Ext 211
Level UG
Pathology Dept
082-440055 Ext 289/287
Level UG
082-440055 Ext 294
Level UG
Psychiatry Clinic
082-440055 Ext 746 
OPD-Level 3
Urology Clinic
082-493269 Ext 264
Level UG


March 2019

 NMSC has carved yet another history and milestone when it was awarded the prestigious The BrandLaureate SMEs Best Brand Award 2019 – Most Established Brand Award For Best Brand In Healthcare Private Specialist Centre from the Asia Pacific Brands Foundation

June 2017

On 3rd June 2017, Re-accredited by Joint Commission International (JCI) and successfully obtained full 3 year Accreditation Status award (2017-2020).

Mac 2016

On 9th March 2016, Re-accredited by Malaysia Society for Quality in Health (MSQH) and successfully obtained full 4 year Accreditation Status award (2016-2020).

Nov 2015

Received the 6th Sarawak Hornbill Tourism Award - Hornbill Special Award for Organisation Category.

Feb 2014 In January 2014, Normah Medical Specialist Centre achieved the Joint Commission International (JCI) Accreditation for the 2nd time for three years (2014-2017). The Joint Commission International (JCI) accreditation recognises dedicated healthcare organisation that are committed to quality, safety improvements and efficiency of health care services around the globe.
Nov 2013 Received two awards from The MHTC (an initiative by Ministry of Health) for outstanding achievement for “ Highest Revenue for Healthcare Travellers East Malaysia” and “ Highest Number of Healthcare Travellers East Malaysia”
Sep 2013 On 3rd September 2013, received an award from The Malaysian Society for Quality in Health (MSQH) for “MSQH Hospital Accreditation Performance Award Full Certification For 3 cycles”
Jan 2011 On 15 January 2011, accredited by Joint Commission International.
2011, 2008 2011 - Re accredited by Malaysia Society for Quality in Health (MSQH)
2008 - Re accredited by Malaysia Society for Quality in Health (MSQH) 
Mar 2006 On 7th March 2006, Normah continue to carve its name to be a private hospital in Borneo by launching the most advance 64 Multi-Slices CT Scan machine which was launched by its Chairman Tan Sri Bujang Bin Muhammad Noor.
Dec 2005 Another milestone being achieved by Normah on 3rd December 2005 by hosting International Oncology Conference with were held till 4th December 2005. Yet another milestone achieved by Normah on the 3rd December 2005 where the Oncology Centre was officiated by Honourable Deputy Chief Minister of Sarawak YB Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri Dr George Chan Hon Nam. Another achievement carved by Normah were the signing of MOU between American Oncologist Dr Hazem El-Kassas and Normah CEO & Managing Director Dr Au Yong Kien Hoe were witnessed by Deputy Chief Minister of Sarawak YB Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri Dr George Chan Hon Nam and Chairman of Normah Tan Sri Bujang Bin Muhammad Noor.
Sep 2005 On 13th September 2005, Normah and Kolej Technologi PPKS signed an MOU to collaborate in providing Diploma in Nursing Programme.
Mar 2005 On 10th March 2005, Normah became a private hospital in Borneo to achieve Malaysian Society in Quality Health (MSQH) full 3 year Accreditation Status award.
Jun 2003 In June 2003, Normah open its first Information Centre in Pontianak, West Kalimantan, Indonesia.  It is the first Information Centre setup by Normah outside Sarawak.
Jun 2002 From 26 - 30 June 2002, Normah achieved another milestone. For second time, Normah played host for the International Heart Valve Symposium known as the The 2nd Mulu Rafflesia Valve Symposium (MRVS).
Sep 2000 From 13 - 17 September 2000, Normah has achieved yet another milestone in its pursuit of excellence in the field of Cardiothoracic surgery at an international level. On this date, Normah played host to an International Heart Valve Symposium known as the Mulu Rafflesia Valve Symposium (MRVS).
2000 In 2000, new facilities and services were upgraded or added. These include neuro-surgery, urologic surgery, nephrology and medical oncology.
Jul 1999 In Jul 1999, Normah Nursing School open its door for the first intake.
Mar 1999 A new 4-storey outpatient building aptly called the Normah Clinic, comprising 30 consultation suites, doctor's offices, a lecture theatre, general administration offices and other facilities was opened on the 8th March 1999.

Dec 1994 On the 24th December 1994, the Normah's Cardiac Centre created an unprecedented achievement in Sarawak and Borneo's medical history by successfully conducting a open-heart surgery.
Sep 1994 In September 1994, a RM11 million Cardiac Centre was set up at Normah.
Jul 1988 Normah admitted its first inpatient on the 4th July 1988.
Aug 1988 Normah created history to be the first private hospital established in Sarawak. It was officially declared opened on 11 August 1988.