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Intensive Care Unit
Level 1F (Inpatient)
Accident & Emergency

082-440055 Ext 288
Level UG
Cardiovascular Laboratory
082-440055 Ext 200/201
Level UG
Cardiology Clinic                  
082-440055 Ext 646                082-493606
OPD-Level 2
Oral, Facial & Wellness Services
082-440055 Ext 4502
082- 493188
Leve 2F
Dermatology Clinic
082-440055 Ext 746
OPD-Level 3
082-440055 Ext 718
OPD-Level 3
Endoscopy Suite
082-440055 Ext 223
Level UG
Surgical Clinic
082-440055 Ext 748   082-493701
OPD-Level 3
Health Screening/ Wellness Clinic
082-440055 Ext 616
OPD-Level 2
Internal Medicine
082-440055 Ext 649       082-493602
OPD-Level 2
Medical Oncology
082-493252 Ext 252
Level 2F (Inpatient)
Nephrology Clinic
Level UG
Neurology Clinic
082-440055 Ext 744
OPD-Level 2
Obstetrics & Gynaecology Clinic
082-440055 Ext 546
OPD-Level 1
Ophthalmology Clinic
082-493712 Ext 712
OPD-Level 3
Orthopaedic Clinic
082-440055 Ext 746
OPD-Level 3
Osteoporosis & Dexa Scan
082-440055 Ext 211
Level UG
Otorhinolaryngology(ENT) Clinic  
082-440055 Ext 645 
2nd Floor   082-493717
OPD-Level 3
Paediatrics Clinic
082-440055 Ext 548/549
OPD-Level 1
Radiology & Diagnostic Imaging Unit
082-440055 Ext 211
Level UG
Pathology Dept
082-440055 Ext 289/287
Level UG
082-440055 Ext 294
Level UG
Psychiatry Clinic
082-440055 Ext 746 
OPD-Level 3
Urology Clinic
082-493269 Ext 264
Level UG

How can we help you?

Q1: Where is the location of the Consultant/Specialist Clinics?

The Consultant/Specialist Clinics are located at our outpatients clinic block or please call 082-440055 for any enquiries.


Q2: Does Normah Medical Specialist Centre have any ante natal program and what is the cost?

Yes, the ante natal program is organize by our Marketing Department and it is on complimentary basis. For inquiry and registration, kindly contact our Marketing Department at 082-440055 extension 240/241.


Q3: What are your Hospital Visiting Hours?

Visiting hours for General Wards

  • 7.00am to 9.00 pm



  • 7.00 am to 8.30am
  • 12.30pm to 2.00pm
  • 6.30pm to 8.00pm


Q4: If I want to transfer my relatives from other Hospital, what do I have to do?

Please call our Accident & Emergency –Resident Medical Officer at this number
082-311999. The staff will assist you with your request and inform all the needful.


Q5: Do you have Ambulance Service in Normah Medical Specialist Centre?

Certainly, please call direct to  082-311999


Q6: Can we wear our own clothes if we admitted?

Certainly, you may wear your own clothes but for sterile or imaging procedures, you may be asked to wear a hospital gown.


Q7: Can relatives stay with the patient?

Any patients wishing to have a visitor accompany them overnight must register these visitors with the Nursing staff at the wards.


Q8: Does Normah Medical Specialist Centre  provide Private Nurse

No, we  do not have Private Nurse service.


Q9: Can I do advance reservation?

No advance reservation can be made for admission but your request will be noted and the admission team will strive to meet your request.


Q10: How long do I have to wait for my bed?

It is subject to the availability of a bed. Normah Medical Specialist Centre team strives to have beds available with utmost urgency.


Q11: Does Normah Medical Specialist  Centre allows discharges during the weekends?

Certainly, discharges can be processed 24 hours daily inclusive of weekend and public holidays.


Q12: Does Normah Medical Specialist Centre assists with hotel booking and any special rate given?

Certainly, we do assist with hotel arrangement for our customer and their family members.
Please call our Patients Relations personnel  at 082-440055 extension 208 for assistance


Q13: Does Normah Medical Specialist Centre assist with airline confirmation and booking?

Certainly,  we can. Kindly contact our Patients Relations personnel.


Q14: Does Normah Medical Specialist Centre  accept payment by Personal Cheque?

We accept payment made by cash, credit card or bank draft.


Q15: Will the hospital be able to assist with religious assistance?

Certainly. We will assist with your request for religious or spiritual assistance or information, wherever possible and available.


Q16: Will I have any difficulties communication?

English is widely spoken and written by our doctors, clinical team and staff in the hospital. Other languages commonly spoken include Bahasa Malaysia, Mandarin and local Chinese dialect eg; Hokkien, Foochow etc. As for other languages, translators are available upon request.


Q17: Any Free Parking if you are a patient at Normah Medical Specialist Centre? What are the charges and where to pay?

Parking spaces are free of charge.

Q18: Is there any cafeteria in Normah Medical Specialist Centre?

Yes, we have. It is located at level 1. We serve buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner daily. Ala carte menu are available all day. The cafeteria open from 7.00am- 9.00pm daily.