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Intensive Care Unit
Level 1F (Inpatient)
Accident & Emergency

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Cardiovascular Laboratory
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Level UG
Cardiology Clinic                  
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OPD-Level 2
Oral, Facial & Wellness Services
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Leve 2F
Dermatology Clinic
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OPD-Level 3
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OPD-Level 3
Endoscopy Suite
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Surgical Clinic
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Health Screening/ Wellness Clinic
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Internal Medicine
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Medical Oncology
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Level 2F (Inpatient)
Nephrology Clinic
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Neurology Clinic
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Obstetrics & Gynaecology Clinic
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Ophthalmology Clinic
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Orthopaedic Clinic
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Osteoporosis & Dexa Scan
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Otorhinolaryngology(ENT) Clinic  
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Paediatrics Clinic
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Radiology & Diagnostic Imaging Unit
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Pathology Dept
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Psychiatry Clinic
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Urology Clinic
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Level UG


Normah Medial Specialist Centre Normah Medial Specialist Centre

Cardiology is a sub-specialty of Internal medicine dealing with diseases of the heart and its associated major blood vessels. Normah offers a cardiology service, backed up by advanced facilities for the investigation and treatment of patients with cardiovascular disease. The HDU area is designed as a Cardiac Care Unit as well, and accommodates up to 10 patients who require intensive cardiac monitoring.

Cardiac Catheterization
Normah's Invasive cardiac laboratory is equipped with a biplane angiogram system. Cardiac catheterisation is a procedure where a small long catheter is inserted into an artery, usually at the groin, into the chambers of the heart, and into the coronary arteries. Services available are Diagnostic Cardiac Catheterization for Coronary Angiography, Balloon Angioplasty and stent implantation.

Echo-cardiography is a technique using high frequency sound waves to obtain detailed images of the heart valves and chambers in real time. Normah has recently acquired a new high range Colour Droppler Echo machine. In addition trans-oesophageal echocardiography (TEE) allows real time imaging of the heart before and during open-heart surgery.
We also have a Holter service where 24 hour ECG recording enables the cardiologists to pick up abnormal heart rhythm in patients with palpitations.