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Intensive Care Unit
Level 1F (Inpatient)
Accident & Emergency

082-440055 Ext 288
Level UG
Cardiovascular Laboratory
082-440055 Ext 200/201
Level UG
Cardiology Clinic                  
082-440055 Ext 646                082-493606
OPD-Level 2
Oral, Facial & Wellness Services
082-440055 Ext 4502
082- 493188
Leve 2F
Dermatology Clinic
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OPD-Level 3
082-440055 Ext 718
OPD-Level 3
Endoscopy Suite
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Level UG
Surgical Clinic
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OPD-Level 3
Health Screening/ Wellness Clinic
082-440055 Ext 616
OPD-Level 2
Internal Medicine
082-440055 Ext 649       082-493602
OPD-Level 2
Medical Oncology
082-493252 Ext 252
Level 2F (Inpatient)
Nephrology Clinic
Level UG
Neurology Clinic
082-440055 Ext 744
OPD-Level 2
Obstetrics & Gynaecology Clinic
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OPD-Level 1
Ophthalmology Clinic
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OPD-Level 3
Orthopaedic Clinic
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OPD-Level 3
Osteoporosis & Dexa Scan
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Level UG
Otorhinolaryngology(ENT) Clinic  
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2nd Floor   082-493717
OPD-Level 3
Paediatrics Clinic
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OPD-Level 1
Radiology & Diagnostic Imaging Unit
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Level UG
Pathology Dept
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Level UG
082-440055 Ext 294
Level UG
Psychiatry Clinic
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OPD-Level 3
Urology Clinic
082-493269 Ext 264
Level UG

Normah Medical Specialist Centre

Normah Medial Specialist Centre


Welcome to Normah Medical Specialist Centre (NMSC). We are committed to provide the highest quality healthcare and service to all our patientsHere at NMSC, we have adopted the international patient safety goal and its intent is to promote specific improvements in patient safety. Our patients can feel confident that their care and treatment is set against the highest international best practice and that their safety and well being is our utmost priority.

Our hospital environment is designed and maintained to provide a safe and conducive environment for your stay and recovery.

Normah Medical Specialist Centre (NMSC) was officially opened in August 1988. It is currently a large purpose built private medical centre in the State of Sarawak. Owned by Sarawak Medical Centre Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of the Sarawak State Financial Secretary (SFS) Incorporation, it operates as a not for-profit organization. It is 16 km from Kuching International Airport and 7 km from Kuching City downtown. 

This local private hospital has come a long way — from being a 130-bed medical and surgical non-profit centre to a world-class healthcare provider today.

Having achieved many accolades, including the Malaysian Society for Quality in Health  (MSQH) with full certification in 2005, Normah was officially granted the prestigious JCI accreditation, the leading industry benchmark for measuring the delivery of quality healthcare. NMSC thus becomes a private hospital in Borneo to be awarded the full 3 years (2011 – 2013)  and (2014-2017).

JCI Accreditation. The distinction not only reaffirms NMSC commitment to quality and compliance with the highest standard of healthcare services, it also marks another milestone in its’ endeavor to be the preferred healthcare in the region. 

In addition to the primary and family medicine and general specialties that include internal medicine, general surgery, obstetrics and gynaecology, and paediatrics, NMSC offers a broad spectrum of secondary and tertiary services provided by its internally credentialed resident and visiting specialists. Included in these services are orthopaedics, ophthalmology, cardiology and cardiac surgery, endoscopic surgery, neurology, neurosurgery, urology, nephrology and haematology. NMSC offer open heart surgery in December 1994.

Patient care at NMSC is also supported by the 24-hour accident and emergency support; inhouse pharmacy, blood bank, laboratory/pathology, and diagnostic imaging services; lithotripsy and renal dialysis program; and rehabilitation care. The Pathology Department provides a full testing service and is equipped with a blood bank which is supported by a blood donor collection programme and component processing service. Besides the routine radiological services, the Diagnostic Imaging Department provides the well equipped MSCT, MRI, Mammography and Densitometry services. 

At the core of NMSC’s services is its commitment to quality in healthcare. This is evidenced by its achieving the coveted Malaysia Society of Quality in Health (MSQH) full accreditation and Joint Commission International (JCI).

Mission & Vision

We see Normah Medical Specialist Centre as the preferred healthcare provider in the region.

As a united team, our Mission through an ethical holistic approach, is to prevent disease, detect disease early so as to prevent complications, manage patients well and compassionately and maintain their quality of life, all at a cost affordable to everyone who seeks us out.

Our Value

We work as a team putting aside self-interest.

We are prudent, honest and ethical in all our dealings.

We are family, unified in purpose, treating each other with respect, dignity and care in an atmosphere of mutual trust, support, encouragement and collegiality.

We continually learn so as to develop ourselves to our fullest potential and have no reservations about teaching others what we know.

We strive for excellence by continually improving the quality of everything we do.

We are disciplined, accurate and timely with a sense of urgency in our work.

We listen actively and communicate openly.

We build a happy working environment based on respect for the values of others and are the wind beneath each others wings.

We have a strong sense of community responsibility.

We are steadfastly loyal to the institution.

We exhibit professionalism and compassion when ensuring that the best interest of the patient is the only interest to be considered.

We emphasize integrity in all our endeavours.